Our Objectives

Enhance Isiolo Gender Watch

To enhance Isiolo gender watch and its partners’ technical and organisational capacities, organisational learning process, and branding.

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Peace-Building and Social Harmony

To promote sustainable peace-building and social harmony through inclusive participation in local governance, empowerment, and access to justice of conflict affected groups and local CSOs

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Promote and Protect Human Rights

To promote and protect human rights of survivors of GBV, torture and other serious human rights violations in line with the international and national human rights instruments through policy advocacy, empowerment and access to justice.

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Areas of Interest

  • Torture
  • Psychological/ Mental Health
  • Community Meditation/ Peace Building
  • Violence against Women
  • Legal Reformation
  • Governance

Values and Principles

  • Respect for Human Dignity
  • Gender Equality and Social
  • Inclusiveness
  • Non-partisan
  • Participatory
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Good Governance


The hand that gives is the hand that receives. That is why we have made it easier to contribute donations directly from our website. All funds will go to support the goodwill of the course.

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